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You love music, you love lyrics, you love creativity.
When a song stops you in your tracks, you think: "I wish I could write like that." 

What if you had the ability to craft a beautiful song from start to finish?
What if you could maximize even 10 minutes in your day to write?
What if you could re-ignite the spark of creativity and PLAY you used to have?
What if you could experience the joy of taking your YOU-ness and directing that to God in song?
I write devotional Songs.
When I was a kid, I loved writing songs. They weren’t great, but they were ME, and I would hole away in my room, teaching myself on my mom’s Yamaha guitar, crafting my little songs for hours each day.

As I got older, that love turned into a job.
I was leading worship, writing jingles, booking shows with my band, selling CDs, and I even got signed to a major record label. But, at some point, I lost that initial spark of personal expression. The pilot light went out.

I didn't love songwriting anymore. I had trouble starting and finishing songs. I didn’t even like the songs I was writing... 

By almost all metrics, my career was failing. I wasn’t even sure why I was still doing this.

So, I took a step back and decided I’d write just one last set of songs. 
By this point, I’d learned a lot more about the craft of songwriting and producing, so I applied all the tools I’d picked up along the way, and I went back to what I’d done as a kid: turning my humanity to God through song. 

I wrote what I thought would be my last set of songs, and my life changed forever. 

What was the difference? 

Devotional Music - less Sunday morning worship music and more Monday morning prayer music.

Through Devotional Music, I was able to find MY voice, the voice that expresses how I feel - to myself, to God, and to others.

And now, I want to help YOU find the words that YOU need to say… and SAY them in song.
Don't get stuck, like I did, feeling pressure to say others' words...
Don't get paralyzed, not even knowing how to start, finish, or edit a song...
Don't quiet your own humanity...

I want to help you say what you need to say - and then craft songs that reflect that. Songs you LIKE and are proud of.

With my signature Devotional Songwriting Masterclass + all 3 Bonus Courses, you'll get:
  • Lifetime access to a Private Membership Site
  • ​Over 35 Online Lessons + Exercises + Guides
  • ​7 Easy-to-follow Modules. Go entire at your own pace!
  • ​Tons of resources I've created...
... valued at $1,144, but you get it all for just $95!

Let's start writing!
What will I actually Learn?
The nuts and bolts of Devotional Songwriting: it's Personal, Prayerful, & Crafted.

Over the last 20 years, I've been finding and collecting the best songwriting methods and tools, both from my own experience, as well as co-writing with some of the most talented songwriters and artists today. 

I've asked myself, "What do I wish I would have known about songwriting 10 years ago?"  I've taken all of those tips, tricks, and tools, and crafted them into this Masterclass. 

     Module 1: I'm going to teach you what Devotional Songwriting is & what makes it different.
     Module 2: I'm going to teach you how to access your own story and craft it into song.
     Module 3: I'm going to teach you how to pray through song, & how to sing through prayers.
     Module 4: I'm going to teach you the Form and Craft of Devotional Songwriting.
     Module 5: I'm going to teach you how to START. No more writer's block.
     Module 6: I'm going to teach you how to EDIT. And my tricks for solving song problems.
     Module 7: I'm going to teach you how to FINISH your songs... and like them.
But I've literally never written a song before...
Don't let that stop you!
Whether you’re a beginner songwriter who has only 20 minutes of quiet per week (been there!), or a career musician who writes songs every day...
I want to open up my world of Devotional Songwriting to you.
And, if you’re a creative person, but your artistic medium isn’t music, I guarantee this Devotional lens will inform your creative work too. 
Limited Edition Bundle

Devotional Songwriting Masterclass 
+ 3 Bonus Courses
+2 Bundles

Here's Everything You Get
My Devotional Songwriting Masterclass
Organized into 7 easy-to-follow Online Modules, with 15 lessons. I'll guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know about Devotional Songwriting.

Lyrics first or Melody first?  How can I overcome writer's block? How do I know when a song is done? 

I'll teach you how to start, how to finish, how to get unstuck. You'll have access to a huge packet of Exercises, Guides, a Toolbox of my 25 most helpful Tools, and even my personal Song Starts, so you can jump right in and co-write with me!

Go at your own pace on our 24/7/365 Online Membership Site, and by the end (even at the beginning!), you'll be writing.
3 Bonus Courses
Every time I talk about my Songwriting Process, I always get questions on these three topics: co-writing, creativity, and songwriting with kids.

That's why I've created 3 Bonus Courses specifically addressing each of those. When you join, you'll get access to 3 Bonus Courses on Co-Writing Basics, Creativity as a Way of Life, and Beginning Songwriting for Kids!

2 Bundles
The Ordinary Ways Bundle is a totally immersive digital experience of Ordinary Ways.  It includes a Devotional I wrote, a high-quality download of the album, my own iPhone demos, 4 unreleased songs, Lead Sheets/Chord Charts/Sheet Music, the official Lyric Book, 7 new mixes of Ordinary Ways instrumentals (for background music while you write!), art downloads, and more.

The Ultimate Writer's Toolkit Bundle includes an e-book from my new "Essential Poetry Series" - on George Herbert - where I hand-picked my favorite George Herbert poems for you and give you my own personal notes and commentary on each poem. My Song Starts and Toolbox will help you jump into writing and provide train tracks for you as you start.
Lifetime Access to my Private Membership Site
Upon purchase, you'll have lifetime access to an online private membership site where all of your lessons and materials are stored. No need to download large files or find space for a stack of DVDs. 

Not only can you learn at your convenience this way, but you will also continue to receive new materials and lessons on your portal as we update and improve the Masterclass.
Can I get this as a Gift for a Songwriter I know? 
Absolutely. Just reply to the Welcome E-mail after you purchase the Masterclass with the name and e-mail address of the person you're gifting this to, and we'll get them all set up! That e-mail is
I'm a beginner songwriter... do I need to be more advanced?
No. I actually made this Masterclass with you in mind. The principles are broad and can be applied to a variety of levels - and even a variety of artistic disciplines.
Do I need to play an instrument?
No. It's certainly helpful if you do, but there have been times I myself have written a song without an instrument. And I've also created some Song Starts for those who aren't instrumentalists, so you can have some chords to work with as you craft your lyrics.
I'm in a season in life where I have very little free time. Is this time-intensive?
I'm in that season too. The Masterclass itself is 1.5 hours, organized into easy-to-follow and easy-to-start-and-stop Modules. 
The exercises are meant to be slotted into your days whenever you can. Even if you can only write occasionally, this course will help you for those moments when you DO find that time!
What all is included with your Masterclass?
Glad you asked! Scroll on...
Devotional Songwriting Masterclass
($599 value)
Explore the world of Devotional Songwriting with me. Through 7 Online Modules, I'll guide you step-by-step through the process of learning how to craft Devotional Songs.  

I've included Song Starts you can write to, Exercises that will help you tell your own stories and prayers through song, Guides you can download and reference later, and Tools you can immediately apply as you write.
Ordinary Ways Bundle ($235 value)
  • Ordinary Ways Devotional (E-Book + Audio Book) ($10 value)
  • ​High-Fidelity Ordinary Ways Download (MP3 & .wav) ($15)
  • ​Official Lyric Book (e-book) ($15)
  • ​iPhone Voice Memo demo versions ($20)
  • ​4 Unreleased B-Sides Songs ($10)
  • ​7 "Quiet Mixes" of Ordinary Ways Instrumentals ($30)
  • ​"The Light Still Bends" Original Art by Myrsini Alexandridi (Download in 3 Colorways) ($20)
  • ​MP3 downloads of the Audio from Live Videos shot in Austin, TX ($10)
  • ​All the Lead Sheets/Chord Charts ($65)
  • ​All the Sheet Music (Strings, Piano, Woodwinds) ($40)
Ultimate Writer's Toolkit Bundle ($220 value)
  • Jon's Essential Poetry Series E-Book: George Herbert ($10 value) 
  • ​5 Song Start Recordings (tracks you can write to!) ($100)
  • ​9 Downloadable PDF Guides ($50)
  • ​9 Songwriting Exercises ($40)
  • ​My go-to Songwriting Toolbox Download with over 25 Tools ($20)
Co-Writing Basics ($30 value)
Co-writing is a vulnerable endeavor, but it should be a FUN, judgment-free zone of collaboration NOT competition! 

I'll walk you through 1) what to bring to a co-write, 2) how to actually co-write with others, and 3) common mistakes to avoid when co-writing.
Beginning Songwriting for KIDS! ($30 value)
When I was 12, I started writing songs. 

Songwriting is still my most valuable tool that helps me understand my feelings and tell my story.

If you have kids interested in songwriting, take this Mini-Course together! 
Geared towards ages 7-13 (but any beginning songwriter can listen in!), I'll teach the fundamentals of songwriting - and get them started with their own songwriting prompts and Song Starts I created.
Creativity as a Way of Life ($30 value)
Creativity doesn't just start with inspiration. Whatever your medium (it doesn't have to be just songs!), this Mini-Course will teach you principles to apply to your ordinary everyday, so you can be ready when the extraordinary moments come.
100% 365-Day Money Back Guarantee
I'm confident you'll find something valuable in this course. If you don't, e-mail me, and we'll refund you.

"I have loved digging into this course! Jon's approach is personal, accessible, and engaging, with a good mix of theory and concrete tools. This is a great opportunity to 'collaborate' with an expert songwriter on your own time."
- Nathan G.
"Jon provided a safe space for me as a songwriter, conducting the perfect symphony of encouragement, exploration, and expertise. He helped me take my song from a wistful Garage Band demo to a finished song I was proud to share.
- Kelley S.
"Jon’s approach to writing and the vulnerability he cultivates have fostered immense growth in my art, and in my life.
-Steve A. 

with your Master Class Digital Bundle
  • The Devotional Songwriting Master Class ($599 value)
  • ​5 Song Starts ($100)
  • ​9 Songwriting Exercises ($40)
  • ​9 Downloadable Guides ($50)
  • ​Songwriting Toolbox PDF with over 25 Tools ($20)
  • Ordinary Ways Devotional (E-Book + Audio Book) ($10)
  • ​​Jon's Essential Poetry Series, Vol. 1: George Herbert E-Book ($10)
  • ​High Fidelity Ordinary Ways Download in MP3 and .wav ($15)
  • ​Ordinary Ways Lead Sheets/Chord Charts PDF ($65)
  • ​Sheet Music (Strings, Piano, & Woodwinds) PDF ($40)
  • ​Official Lyric E-Book ($15)
  • ​iPhone Voice Memo Demo Versions ($20)
  • ​4 Unreleased B-Sides Songs ($10)
  • ​7 Quiet Mixes of Ordinary Ways Instrumentals ($30)
  • ​"The Light Still Bends" Original Art Download ($20)
  • ​MP3 Downloads of Audio from Live Videos ($10)
  • ​Bonus Course 1: Co-Writing Basics ($30)
  • ​Bonus Course 2: Beginning Songwriting for Kids (with Songwriting Prompts!) ($30)
  • ​Bonus Course 3: Creativity as a Way of Life ($30)
  • ​24/7/365 Access to a Private Membership Portal, entirely at your own pace.
Total Value: $1,144
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